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Destin Charity Wine Auction Foundation (DCWAF) has launched the Legacy Society to insure the sustainability of the Foundation and the children it serves for decades to come. All of us are dependent upon the next generation’s ability to be healthy and productive members of society, and we believe creating a legacy for children along the Emerald Coast is critical in solidifying a better tomorrow.  We invite you to consider leaving a legacy beyond your lifetime.

*In light of the current pandemic, additional tax benefits have been put in place regarding charitable giving. Donors that take the standard deduction on their taxes can now use a universal tax deduction of up to $300 on their 2020 tax returns. For donors who itemize their taxes, the cap on the deduction for charitable contributions have been adjusted from 60% of their AGI to 100%. We recommend consulting your CPA regarding new 2020 tax reduction opportunities under the CARES Act.

Benefits of joining Destin Charity Wine Auction's Legacy Society:


Being a member of the Destin Charity Wine Auction Legacy Society gives you an opportunity to join like-minded individuals who are committed to support the needs of children within our community.

Other Benefits Include:

  • Annual recognition at a special event honoring you for your gift during your lifetime.
  • A plaque on Destin Charity Wine Auction Foundation’s Legacy Society wall.
  • The guidance of our Legacy Society Committee on planned giving.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Legacy Society?

The Legacy Society is an honorary society within Destin Charity Wine Auction Foundation (DCWAF) which sustains DCWAF’s core mission by gifts through wills, trusts, insurance and lifetime donations.

Why should I select Destin Charity Wine Auction Foundation as the beneficiary of my legacy gift?

DCWAF is a qualified 501(c)3 charity that administers your gift to support 15 local children’s charities. The DCWAF Board of Directors thoroughly vet each charity prior to it receiving funding, and each charity is required to enter into donative agreements with DCWAF and submit quarterly reports regarding their use of DCWAF funds.

Are there tax benefits to making a legacy gift to the DCWAF Legacy Society?

Yes, there may be income tax benefits, estate tax benefits or both depending on how you fund your pledge to the DCWAF Legacy Society. Please reference the workbook for more details.

Can I control how my legacy gift is used by DCWAF?

Yes, the following options are available to restrict the use of your legacy gift:
a) Unrestricted (can be used by DCWAF for its general charitable purposes).
b) Semi-restricted (can be used by DCWAF only for the restricted purposes as instructed by your legacy bequest).
c) Full Endowment (only the earnings on your legacy gift can be used by DCWAF for its general charitable purposes).</span >

Who controls fund expenditures?

The DCWAF Board of Directors with insight from its Charity Relations, Finance, and Executive Committees.

Will I be recognized by DCWAF for making a legacy gift?

Yes, as a member of the Legacy Society (i) your name will be recognized on the DCWAF Legacy Society plaque prominently displayed in the DCWAF office’s wall of honor; (ii) you will receive recognition as a Legacy Society member on the DCWAF website; (iii) you will receive recognition as a DCWAF Legacy Society member at DCWAF gala events and festivals; (iv) you will receive a DCWAF Legacy Society lapel pin; and (v) you will receive a DCWAF Legacy Society shirt.

Can my legacy gift be my wine collection or other tangible property?


What happens to my legacy gift if DCWAF dissolves?

Should DCWAF dissolve, it’s successor charity would assume stewardship of any remaining Legacy Society funds. Your legacy gift can also specify a successor charitable beneficiary should DCWAF no longer exist.

Would you like to learn more about being a Legacy Society member? Contact us by emailing [email protected].

For more detailed information on the various charitable giving methods, we recommend you use our Charitable Giving Workbook.

Thank you to our Founding Legacy Society Members:

Dr. Warren & Shannon Amos
George & Stephanie Brannon, Jr.
The Buckner Family
Peter & Anna Caparis
Stephen & Joan Carter
Jeanne Dailey
The Eager Family
Cory & Hillary Fosdyck
Karah Fridley-Young
Jeff & Cindy Garrard
Bob & Laury Gelardi
Robert & Dana Hahn
Roger & Susan Hall
John & Debra Hawkins
Don & Cathy Hay
Robért & Shelly Hinojosa
Zane & Mindy Holscher
Doug & Merrisa Ingram
Bob Kirk 
Julian & Kate MacMillan 
Kevin Mason & Laura Balters 
Jim & Vicki Matthews
Denise Osment 
Justin & Diana Phelps 
Trevor & Lane Redding
John & Michelle Russell
Tom & Dana Saffel
Dann & Colette Schwartz 
John & Margaret Sheehan
Brian & Crystal Spencer
Sharon Stark
Bert & Sue Trucksess
Matt & Valerie Walker 
Pam Wellborn
Randall & Maria White
Wilson Family Trust 
Kurtis & Gay Wolff