Dean and Katie Papadakis

Perchance Headshot

 By a twist of fate, Dean and Katie Papadakis found themselves unexpectedly transformed into vintners of Perchance Estates. 

Their journey into the world of winemaking began during a fortuitous visit to Napa Valley for Dean's 50th birthday celebration. Initially, they had no intention of becoming vintners, but the allure of Napa Valley captivated them in ways they never anticipated. They rented a house on the top of a mountain overlooking Lake Berryessa and arranged an intimate tasting with Winemaker Mike Smith. They had been drinking Mike’s incredible Cabernets and watching his meteoric rise in the wine industry for nearly a decade, and that night, the wine and conversation began to flow effortlessly. At one point, Mike mentioned that certain rows of Cabernet Sauvignon in the historic Beckstoffer Vineyard Georges III might be available. They knew that vintners waited years for the opportunity to work with grapes from Georges III, and that many never got the chance. Mike described to them in detail the premium terroir of the available rows and wondered if they might be interested in procuring the grapes. The possibility of becoming vintners had never crossed their minds, but the chance to make Cabernet Sauvignon from one of Napa Valley’s sacred heritage vineyards was exhilarating! 

When Mike offered to make the wine for them and to lend them the decades of experience that he has acquired over the course of his incredible career, their path was charted. At that very moment, good fortune and impeccable timing aligned, and an unexpected gateway had opened to embrace the captivating realm of winemaking. With enthusiasm coursing through their veins, they embarked on this new chapter, eager to navigate the thrilling world of crafting fine wines. 

Meet Dean and Katie at these Festival Events:

Perchance Estates Wine Dinner at Seagars presented by Stephen & Joan Carter: 10.17.24
Harvest After Dark: 10.18.24
Grand Tasting VIP presented by Emerald Coast Magazine: 10.19.24