Cecily Gamba Mitchell

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Cecily Gamba Mitchell is a seventh-generation winegrower, stemming from a storied line of Italian vintners. She began her journey in the world of wine by learning about vineyards and wine from her family from the time she was a little girl. Growing up in the family vineyards in Sonoma County CA, with many of her childhood experiences and memories revolving around wine, her broad understanding flourished quickly; from observing the growing seasons firsthand, and later, working harvest, and involvement in cellar activities, to eventually becoming more involved in business management, marketing, and sales. Cecily graduated from Loyola Marymount University, where she obtained a degree in Business Marketing. After graduation, she immediately went to work for a prominent wine education company in Los Angeles. She later took on the challenge of working in the restaurant and wine retail space in Southern CA, and in New York City respectively, in marketing and wine buying capacities. Her experiences created new opportunities, and eventually brought her back to her roots in Northern California. Cecily is currently employed with Gamba Vineyards & Winery as the Marketing & Sales Manager, and the owner/principal of a digital marketing company, Wine SF. Under Wine SF, she develops social media programs for various global wine and lifestyle clients. She is the co- founder of the robust and successful Instagram account 'You had me at Bordeaux;' where she creates content and promotes wineries and everything lifestyle. Cecily continues her studies with the Wine and Spirits Trust and currently holds a WSET Level 3 certification. Cecily inspires and creates new connections and pathways for others interested in wine and continues to bring a unique passion, perspective, and knowledge to her multi-faceted role within the wine industry.

Meet Cecily at these Festival Events:

Gamba Vineyards & Winery Wine Dinner at Wild Olives presented by Carol & Carter Zorn: 10.17.24
Harvest After Dark: 10.18.24
Grand Tasting VIP presented by Emerald Coast Magazine: 10.19.24