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If only vines could talk, they would tell you stories of the old Napa Valley. The history of AXR's estate is compounded in layers; rooted in historic tales of fierce Native American hunting grounds, wild west pioneers and the first woman vintner of California in 1886. It has changed hands over the course of 134 years to become a brewery, restaurant, inn, winery and saloon. Tales of love, lust, heartbreak, murders and great fortune create an imaginative backdrop to the present-day vision of AXR. Today, it is a winery that pays homage to its history and blazes the trail of excitement and innovation in Napa Valley as the pioneers before did.

Meet AXR Napa Valley at these Festival Events:

AXR Napa Valley Wine Dinner at The Citizen - Alys Beach presented by First National Bank: 10.17.24
Harvest After Dark: 10.18.24
Grand Tasting VIP presented by Emerald Coast Magazine: 10.19.24