Chef Spotlight: Craig Richards


Craig Richards, renowned Executive Chef at St. Cecilia restaurant and VP of Culinary Operations of Ford Fry Restaurants, did not always set out to be a chef. While studying creative writing in graduate school, Craig picked up a job washing dishes for a local restaurant to earn extra money. It was there that his interest in the profession was piqued.

“I enjoyed the camaraderie, pace and energy. I also like how you cook something and it’s immediately enjoyed.”, Richards described in an interview with Garnish and Gather, a food service company in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Known for his creative combinations of classic Italian flavorings with local southern ingredients, his simplicity fused with sophistication brings a new level of excitement to his dishes.

“I appreciate that Italians are so fervent about their culinary traditions – borderline prideful of it,” he described. “So once you know those traditions, you can make a riff off of it. You have leeway to modernize but pay respect to the ingredients.”

A huge advocate of sourcing local, fresh ingedients, Craig cooks with produce so fresh it hasn't even been refridgerated yet. Along with the socio-economic reasons, the support of local farmers, a smaller carbon foorprint, his support of his local communities is brought to life in his flavorful Italian plates that are enjoyed by both Atlanta locals and visitors. 

Along with participating in DCWAF's 2018 Wine Auction, Craig will also be the participating chef at a Patron Dinner, cooking up plates of his seasonal and thoughtful cuisine alongside vintners David Arthur and Fisher Vineyards. 

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Published on Thursday, January 18, 2018