Festival Feature: Bourbon & Bean

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The 26th Annual Seeing Red Wine Festival is proving to be one of the most highly anticipated events of the season. There is a lot more to enjoy than the fabulous abundance of wine. We've got spirits, yes we do! There's also going to be delicious food. We're excited to enjoy it all in sunny Seaside so we'll share some insider info on who will become your festival favorites.

Michter's American Whiskey: 
Aged in tradition, Michter's has been producing quality whiskey since 1753, thus making them the first American producer. History buffs will appreciate that according to legend, General George Washington paid a visit to the distillery to purchase this valuable rye whiskey to warm his troops during their famous winter at Valley Forge. Though founded in Pennsylvania, the distillery was reborn in Kentucky in the 1990s after several economic threats to it's existence including the prohibition era and economic downturn in 1989. Though the name and location have evolved, Michter's maintains it's legacy of producing quality whiskey under the tutelage of Master Distiller, Willie Pratt. Pratt boasts over 40 years of experience in the whiskey industry with knowledge in each step of production. He values quality above all else and is referred to by his sales team as "Dr. No" since he is known for not allowing whiskey to be released for bottling until it is just right. That will make you want to sip it nice and slowly.


Olive & Sinclair Chocolates:
What's better thank drinking small batch, American-made bourbon? How about pairing it with a side of Salted Bourbon Caramel filled Chocolate Spheres? Yum! These drops of heavenly goodness from Seersucker Candy Co. come from the same creative geniuses as Olive & Sinclair Chocolates. They are Tennessee's only bean-to-bar producers having re-invented the proverbial "wheel" of chocolate-making. Founded in 2007 in Nashville by culinary mastermind, Scott Witherow, Olive & Sinclair is proud to produce stone-ground Southern Artisan Chocolate that is simply made, sweet, and robust. They have since expanded their brand to create classic Southern confections with a modern twist through Seersucker Candy Co., which is how we will find ourselves loading our muzzles with their Muzzle Loaders that ooze liquid salted bourbon caramel. I'll take 500 of those please.

These are just a few of our favorites to be featured at this year's Seeing Red Wine Festival. Be sure to buy your tickets HERE to enjoy all of this and more including over 250 wines. We hope to see you there.


- Melissa Vidaurre

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Published on Thursday, September 15, 2016