Picnic Pointers from Wine Drinking Pros

Summer is that blissful time of year: the sun is out, the birds are chirping, and the perfect shade tree is calling your name. If you’re anything like us, you want to get out there and enjoy it all, so how about a picnic? Doesn’t matter if you’re lounging out at the park, or cruising along the Emerald Coast, we have all the best pointers for you to have your wine and drink it too. 

Here’s our list of perfect picnic must haves

1. Wine is always #1 in our book. For summer, we love a bright and refreshing white wine, like 30A Chardonnay by Mercer Estates. This flavor profile is perfectly fruity and creamy, which surely says “summer” to us. If you still prefer a red for an afternoon treat, the 30A Red Blend, is another great option. This smoky barrel-aged wine is a delight for the senses. Just grab a couple of GoVinos and you’re on your way. 

2. If you’re at the beach, you probably already know that glass is a big “no-no,” but you still need a way to wine up your picnic party. No problemo- we’ve got Wine in a Can to save the day! This product uses patented technology to protect the quality and longevity of their wine, so it’s not only a delicious treat, but its also going to be safe to drink outside and help save the sea turtles. 

3. All this wine is making us hungry, and what’s wine without cheese? Ok, it’s still wine, but cheese is also our favorite. Whether it’s creamy, sharp, aged, or stinky, it is always a wine drinking pro’s go-to choice of sustenance. We’ve been around the cheese block, and nobody makes a cheeseboard quite like The Wine Bar. Please your palate by visiting Sarah, the cheese expert, at the Destin location to learn about the perfect pairings for your wine picnic.

4. Picnics are no picnic when you have a red splotch on your favorite summer outfit. White linen pants? Have no fear. If you haven’t heard of Wine Away, and you’re a wine drinking pro like us, it’s time to invest. This little bottle of magic removes wine stains from your clothing like a boss. I repeat, this absolutely all-natural, citrus-scented wonder, totally and completely removes any trace of wine on your clothes so you can sit comfortably outside, munch on some artisinal cheese, and toss back a casual glass of vino without a care in the world. 

Now that you’re ready for a sunny summer filled with fun, get out there with your favorite wine and cheese and have a picnic. 


- Melissa Vidaurre

(Follow Beach Rules while enjoying your picnic fun!)

Published on Tuesday, May 31, 2016