Glasses Full of Gratitude

It's finally that wonderful time of year when a brisk wind tickles your nose and the leaves have begun to turn. We each have a lot to be thankful for, including wine! As your family starts arriving in town to celebrate the time-honored tradition of a Thanksgiving meal, you've probably got your menu planned to perfection. You may, however, find yourself unsure of what wines will go best with your fine-tuned feast. Fret not, we're here to help.

From turkey to gravy to dressing and pie, Thanksgiving dinner is usually full of soul-warming spices. This makes a Pinot Noir your best friend. Light in body and soft on your palate, Pinot Noir is extremely food friendly since it does not seek to overpower your meal, but rather to complement it. Subtle notes of berry ensure it'll pair perfectly with your poultry and everyone's palates.

Though you could grab a bottle of French where Pinot Noir originated from, we're going to suggest exploring a Pinot Noir from the New World as this is an American national holiday after all. We'll be drinking a 2013 Foley Pinot Noir, Rancho Santa Rosa, Sta. Rita Hills. The bright acidity and fruity notes of cherry and blackberry make it a perfect turkey pairing. It will also highlight your cranberry sauce and complement any casserole.


For your selection of white, you could choose a full-bodied California Chardonnay, but since you've spiced things up on the menu, we'll switch up your go-to varietal too. We're suggesting a light and refreshing Riesling instead. Its floral and fruity notes matched with its acidity will brighten up your palate between each rich, savory bite. 

Though Riesling is traditionally German, we love William Schug's California grown take on it. On Thanksgiving, we'll be drinking his 2013 SCHUG Late Harvest Riesling, Lake County. This light bodied Riesling has a concentration of sugars that are balanced perfectly by its acidic finish. Its fruity notes of apricot and spiced pears make this the perfect pairing for your Thanksgiving dinner and dessert.


Though there are endless pairing possibilities depending on each person's palate, these wines are sure to be a success with your family and friends. This Thanksgiving, let's be sure to remember that the most important thing isn't what's in your glass, but rather who you're sharing it with.


- Melissa Vidaurre

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Published on Thursday, November 17, 2016