Pahlmeyer Winery

Stagecoach Pic

Led by winemaker Katie Vogt, Pahlmeyer continues its lifelong commitment to crafting wines from exclusive Napa Valley mountain sites. Since 1986, the brand has been producing highly sought-after wines, that began with Jayson Pahlmeyer’s dream to make world-class Bordeaux-style bottlings from Napa Valley. Formed by the diversity of Stagecoach Vineyard, the intensity of Waters Vineyard, and the opulence of Upper Range Vineyard, Pahlmeyer’s wines offer exquisite structure, balance, tension, and finesse. Meticulous attention is paid in the vineyard and cellar to allow the highest, clearest expression of the site. With an eye toward long aging, Pahlmeyer’s hallmark intensity and power is crafted through an impressive oak program and artful blending of each small lot.

As Pahlmeyer’s VIP Client Concierge, Lili Shariati passionately shares the story and craftsmanship behind the brand with wine enthusiasts across the country and at home on the vineyard. Her foray into the world of wine began a decade ago when attended a dinner at a small family-owned winery in Napa Valley. Taken with the experience, the place, and the people, she asked for a job on the spot. Her enthusiasm earned her the position. Lili continued expanding her palate and career in her next role as a sales representative for a small importer with a focused portfolio of fine wines from around the world.

Prior to beginning her wine career, Lili was putting her degree in public relations from Syracuse University to use in the corporate world all while fueling her love for food and wine by attending culinary school, traveling to Tuscany to pick olives and grapes, and enjoying a stint as a cheese monger. In her current role, she’s happy to be living her passions full-time.