Lando Wines

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Sam Lando started his career in wine working for some of the large global wine producers in the early 1990s. Within a year of being in the industry, he soon identified his true love of working with and enjoying Pinot Noir. The first half of his journey on the corporate side was engrossed in learning all aspects of the business, from production, marketing, sales, operations and finance…and growing into ever evolving senior management/executive roles. After aiding in the transaction of a large corporate
wine group, he realized the need to gain hands-on knowledge of working with developing, luxury focused wine brands. This led him to a rocket ride experience with Kosta Browne winery.

After working for five years with Kosta Browne Winery as their director of marketing & sales, he departed at the end of 2012. His work with dear friends was a deeply rewarding experience…personally and professionally. They worked (and played) so well together because of a love and passion for what they did. In addition to their shared affliction for Pinot, they enjoyed the company of great people and food.

In the middle of the 2012 vintage, Sam and his wife Jennifer decided to make the leap and take the winemaking hobby to the next level. They borrowed against their savings and began building the foundation to develop a small Pinot Noir focused winery.
Today, as in 2022, LANDO Wines quietly celebrates ten years of producing delicious Pinot Noirs & Chardonnays. This endeavor has not been without significant challenges. In the fall of 2017, the entire 2016 vintage of wines was vaporized in the Tubbs Fire. And more recently, the 2020 harvest was badly affected by smoke taint and reduced our production by 88%. However, no one was hurt in either occurrence. While each has been incredibly difficult to overcome, it gave them a new prospective, learnings, and the desire/fortitude to press on…better and stronger. It has not been an easy journey thus far, but they couldn’t be more proud of where they are and what the future has in store.


From the beginning, our goal has been and continues to be - make intense, yet elegant and balanced Pinot Noirs from the Russian River Valley and Sonoma Coast appellations. We push ourselves to make great wines that we enjoy drinking and take great pride in sharing with our dear friends. To date, we couldn’t be more thrilled with the wines we have produced and are currently working on at the winery!