Dominio IV

Patrick Reuter

Patrick Reuter

In 2002, Patrick started Dominio IV wines with his wife Leigh. Leigh was skeptical, but filled with the elixir of youth and agreed to the naïve affair of the winery and vineyard.

In 2016, with the partnership of family friend Scott Burg, Patrick embarked on a great journey in Carlton, Oregon on “the Farm.” Supported by Leigh in the vineyard, long-time Associate Winemaker Ryan Kelly-Burnett in the cellar, and a wonderful team in the tasting room, Patrick considers himself blessed.

Enjoying the people and culture of wine has made for a rewarding 25+ vintages for Patrick, focusing on terroir-expressing wines and unique small lots. In his free time, Patrick coaches and plays soccer, hikes, skis, paints, gardens, and hangs out with his wife, Leigh, and two boys, Finigan and Quincy.

Leigh Bartholomew

After gleaning hands-on vineyard experience in both Washington State and Chile, Leigh studied viticulture at the University of California at Davis. Master’s degree in hand, she then traveled the world, working harvests in California, Burgundy, and New Zealand. Returning to the West Coast in 2000, Leigh became the vineyard manager for Archery Summit. Leigh now works on many Willamette Valley vineyards producing wonderful grapes for many wineries. In 2002, she and Patrick began the Dominio IV winery.