14. Napa Valley Friends of the Foundation

Sky Deck Dining Venue Destin 2022

DCWAF friends and partners at Gamble Family Vineyards, Fayard Wines, Lerner Project, OVID Napa Valley, Roy Estate, and Somnium welcome three couples to Napa Valley for an immersive experience like none other.


Proprietors of Lerner Project, Stu and Karen Lerner welcome you to their Diamond Mountain estate, Armstrong Ranch, in Calistoga. Situated high atop Napa Valley, this well-appointed three-bedroom, two-bathroom home awaits. With a lap pool, cozy fire pit, and expansive views of wine country, your home away from home is the perfect place for you to relax and unwind after a full day of tastings. Explore Napa Valley in style with a private tour guide to chauffeur you to and from each appointment during your stay.


Your itinerary while in wine country has been carefully curated by your hosts to include a variety of ultra-exclusive experiences unavailable to the public. Inspire your winemaker within with private tastings at Roy Estate, VintEdge, and a special tasting with cheese pairings hosted by the legendary Tom Gamble. Indulge in wine-paired lunches at Somnium and Roy Estate and a special dinner hosted by Karen and Stu Lerner on their Sky Deck with wines hand-selected from their personal cellar.


Take home a selection of rare etched and signed 3-liters to stock your cellar and commemorate your time in the Napa Valley.


This Lot Includes:

  • 3-night stay at the Lerner Project Guest House on Armstrong Ranch for 3 couples
  • 2 days of private transportation for 3 couples
  • Tour and Tasting at VintEdge for 3 couples
  • Wine dinner hosted by Karen and Stu Lerner for 3 couples
  • Private tour and tasting with cheese and charcuterie hosted by Tom Gamble for 3 couples
  • Private tasting at OVID Napa Valley for 3 couples
  • Private tasting with lunch at Roy Estate for 3 couples
  • Lunch with wine pairings at Somnium for 3 couples
  • 3L 2011 Gamble Family Vineyards Family Home Cabernet Sauvignon
  • 3L of 2018 OVID Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
  • 3L 2015 Roy Estate Mr. Evans Proprietary Red
  • 3L 2020 Somnium Estate Cabernet Sauvignon


Donated by: Gamble Family Vineyards, Fayard Wines, Lerner Project, OVID Napa Valley, and Somnium