Sheree and Brian Thornsberry

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Proprietors, Brian & Sheree Thornsberry discovered their passion for wine and the specialness of the Northern California appellations during a 2010 visit to Sonoma and Napa Valleys. A spark was ignited . . . and their mutual appreciation for the craft of winemaking and the expression of terrior was born. Over the next decade, they pursued their interest in all-things-wine . . . satiating their thirst for understanding what made for exceptional wine just that . . . exceptional.

With visits to France, Spain, Northern and Southern Italy, Greece, Portugal, and South Africa adding pins to their “grand adventure in wine” map, they honed their palettes on a spectrum of grapes and winemaker’s expressions of them. They found a common thread endured . . . upon returning and reflecting on their latest foray, they would inevitably return to the same conclusion that nothing quite affected them like the wines of Northern California. Gradually, an idea took root . . . that living in St. Louis, Missouri was much too far from the fountain of their passion and they decided to make California a permanent place to reside . . . first to Calistoga part-time, then to Napa, finally settling in Santa Rosa.

Meet Brian and Sheree at these Festival Events:

Harvest After Dark: 10.18.24
Grand Tasting VIP presented by Emerald Coast Magazine: 10.19.24