Chef Chris Trovas


Chris Trovas, a culinary expert with over three decades of experience, brings a wealth of mastery to the kitchen. Hailing from Houston, Texas, Chris is driven by a deep-rooted passion for delivering an exceptional dining experience rooted in family and community values. His unwavering commitment to excellence is evident in his sourcing and serving of only the highest quality products. With an innate mastery of the art of wine pairing, Chris effortlessly orchestrates the delicate dance of flavors, unlocking the true potential of both the cuisine and the wine, resulting in an extraordinary dining experience that transcends expectations. At Wild Olives, every detail is meticulously attended to, creating a welcoming home away from home where the pleasure of sharing a meal is celebrated.

Beyond the restaurant, Chris and his team actively contribute to their community as passionate supporters of Destin Wine Auction Foundation. They believe in fostering strong relationships and making a positive impact on the lives of those they serve.

With a Greek heritage and a profound respect for education instilled by his family, Chris embodies humility and a grounded perspective. His love for hunting, fishing, and cherishing moments with his grandkids reflects his appreciation for life's simple pleasures and a genuine connection to nature. In 2005, Chris realized a dream by opening the original Wild Olives in Rosemary Beach.

Now, after fifteen successful years, he embarks on a new milestone with his new restaurant, a culmination of lifelong dedication and a shared vision with his partner, Slayde. Chris's unwavering commitment to excellence continues to elevate the culinary industry. Join him on an extraordinary gastronomic journey marked by passion, expertise, and the pursuit of perfection—a truly unforgettable experience awaits.

Meet Chef Trovas at these Harvest Wine & Food Festival events:

Lang & Reed Wine Dinner at Wild Olives - 10.19.23
Harvest After Dark - 10.20.23