Brendan Wakeham


Brendan was first introduced to the life of a restaurant at an early age through his family’s businesses. He would spend mornings in the summer helping host, deliver coffee to guests, or wash dishes. In his early days he always enjoyed the hustle and flow of the restaurant, and this love for the industry was rediscovered during his college years when he set his eyes upon a culinary arts degree in lieu of a business degree. Brendan trained at Le Cordon Bleu for two years before starting an internship at a fine dining French and Mediterranean restaurant in Boston by the name of Mistral. He spent 3 years at Mistral working up as a Sous Chef before being offered an opportunity to move down to Florida and help open and operate Pescado in Rosemary Beach. Brendan spent the last 5 years in Rosemary Beach learning the operations and logistics of opening a new restaurant, and helping to shape Pescado into what it is today. Moving forward Brendan has relocated to start his next venture, Grezi, up in Buffalo, NY.