Chef Mimmo La Innusa


Born in raised in Sicily, Mimmo came to the United States in 2006 with a passion for real Italian cooking. He grew up watching his family create beautiful home cooked dishes every day. He explained how growing up he was always captivated by the smells and flavors of the foods that would be created in his family’s kitchen. Often, he would sit and watch his mother and grandmother cook, paying close attention to the technique they used.


Mimmo uses his childhood in South Italy as every day inspiration for how he runs his restaurant. Every aspect of every dish is prepared in house, down to the bread that welcomes each person as they sit down to enjoy a meal. He believes in the importance of creating each dish from scratch!


Mimmo prides himself on the authentic Italian style cooking with simple ingredients like the ones captured in his menu, never skimping on the extra extra virgin olive oil or the freshest mozzarella. Every sauce is made from scratch, including the pizza sauce on Mimmo’s brick oven pizza. He believes that this is what sets his restaurant apart, having fresh ingredients that can’t be competed with and recipes passed down to him from his family.


While Mimmo’s Ristorante is authentic italiano, it is so much more. Mimmo created an atmosphere that is chic and elegant while still remaining a comfortable homestyle venue. Perfect for a family dinner, business lunch, or date night, Mimmo’s is a vibrant yet homey experience that locals (and out of towners) have been raving about since its opening in 2013.


Mimmo recently opened a second location in November 2023 in Blue Mountain Beach, Florida alongside 3OA. He hopes to continue to share his authentic Italian style cooking with the Gulf Coast one plate at a time.