Chefs Phil & Jess Bauer


Phil Bauer

Chef Phillip Bauer, the “PB” of “PB&J,” is a high-energy hard worker who thrives on creating expressive, novel dishes and using food as a way to bring people together. Working against the misnomer of, “never trust a skinny chef,” Chef Phillip Bauer, who has run seven full marathons and who ran his fastest mile in four minutes and 28 seconds, proves that food doesn’t have to be unhealthy to be tasty, satisfying, and comforting. He showcases his talent in the exquisite execution and acute attention to detail to enhance the flavor profile for a refreshing dining experience. He is a master of healthy, bold flavors and brightly colored dishes down to simple techniques and hometown recipes.


Jess Bauer

Jess Bauer, the “J” from “PB&J,” is a whimsical, creative, people-person with larger-than-life dreams, who has always had a side hustle to help the community. Jess is in the kitchen frequently with Phil, helping out, tweaking a recipe, describing a perfect dish and challenging Phil to make it, or cooking up a dish she literally dreamed about. Just before the couple got married in 2018, Jess developed a mysterious and debilitating chronic illness, which was ultimately diagnosed as Fibromyalgia years later. She and Chef Phil tried eating different ways to help in her health journey. Through the experience, Chef Phil was able to learn to create tasty, diverse, and satisfying vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, Paleo, etc., dishes. Being health-focused is still a huge priority to PB&J and nutrition is a large component of it. Jess has made huge strides in her health journey, and wants to keep improving and helping others’ progress as well! in 2023, Jess earned her Certificate in Nutrition Consulting, with the aim of helping guests on their health journeys as well. The “J” part of “PB&J” is just as integral to the Café as Chef Phillip Bauer is, as his food-loving, administrative counterpart, and life-long cheerleader!