Westonwood Ranch


Westonwood Ranch emphasizes the importance of learning by “doing,” utilizing a holistic approach to teach functional living skills, personal and social skills, and vocational skills to teens and young adults with developmental differences.  The heart of the program is rooted in the creation of environmentally friendly, sustainable business enterprises which also serves as a valuable learning tool for participants.  Currently the two enterprises consist of a commercial Aquaponics Farm and Brew Chews Dog Biscuit company.  The opportunities for hands-on learning and job training extend beyond the social enterprises through a variety of life classes including but not limited to animal husbandry, community integration, social concepts, and activities of daily living.  Underscoring their commitment to embracing all unique abilities, Westonwood Ranch will also offer extra-curricular activities that promote socialization and enhanced self -esteem including art, music, recreational fitness, and therapeutic equine activities.