Best Nontraditional Wine and Food Pairings

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Looking for some nontraditional wine and food pairings to shake up your routine? More often than not, if you’ve got a good bottle of wine, it’ll taste great with just about anything! Let’s dive into some of our favorite nontraditional wine and food pairings.

Riesling and Birthday Cake

Riesling has a crisp, citrus bite that is just waiting to be paired with the butter cream icing of a birthday cake. The nectarine, pear, and honey-crisp apple aromas pair perfectly with spongy white or yellow cake.

Chardonnay and Popcorn

Chardonnay is one of the few white wines that tends to be aged in oak, giving it a full-bodied flavor and a silky softness. The vanilla and butter undertones go perfectly with a big bowl of popcorn, a new go-to pairing for any movie night!

Sauvignon Blanc and Pad Thai

With Sauvignon Blanc’s strong lemongrass and tropical fruit flavors, it naturally pairs well with Pad Thai takeout. The light-bod and high acidity of this wine balances with the spicy flavors in Thai cuisine. Alternatively, a spicy yellow curry can pair well with Sauvignon Blanc, too.

Rosé and Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwiches

Rosé has a natural strawberry sweetness that goes with any fruit compote, but throw peanut butter into the mix and you’ll be surprised at how delicious this pairing is. A Bordeaux or Syrah rosé works best as their dry nature cuts through the sandwich’s nuttiness while the sweet, fruit undertones keep you loving this snack.

Champagne and Potato Chips

Everyone thinks of chips and beer, but champagne does it even better. The bubbles and acidity help cut through the richness of potato chips balanced by toasty, creamy notes from the champagne.

Cabernet and Cheeseburgers

Cabernet and cheddar is a given, but what about with a cheeseburger? Switch out the beer for a deep red cab for a lasting finish on cheeseburger day. To elevate your burger, throw on toppings that are briny or herbaceous, like rosemary or even blue cheese.


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Published on Monday, March 13, 2023