Yes Way, Rosé All Day

Rosé often gets a bad reputation, but it is just seriously misunderstood wine. Most people assume it is pucker-your-lips sweet like White Zinfandel. Some think it comes from red and white wine varietals blended together. Others just don't know when to drink it or what to eat with it. As rosé has gained a seat at the popular table this summer, we thought we'd keep the spotlight on it and tell you the basics so you can wake up and smell the rosés.

Rosé does not come from a specific grape varietal. It's a category of wine like red or white, but is made using red grape varietals. Its color varies depending on which grape varietal it is produced from as well as how long the winemaker lets the skins and seeds (must) sit in the juice while it ferments. Grape juice from all grapes is usually white, but red wine turns red as the juice gets tinted from the must. Rosé can vary in how light or dark it's pink shade is as a result of timing.

You don't have to worry about having a sugar rush when you drink rosé. Like with all varietals, the grapes express certain qualities and flavor profiles depending on the region where they were grown as well as the climate during the growing season. This is no exception. Often times, you can best assume that European rosé will be more dry than it's New World counterparts, but this doesn't mean it's sweet.

Like a bottle of red with benefits, rosé tends to hold the flavor profile of the grape varietals it comes from without being as bold or tannic as red wines. It's usually fresh, sometimes fruity, and acidic, which means the sooner you drink it, the better it tastes. It is the happy medium between red and white wine, pairing well with fish or steak, or even dessert. This makes it easy to drink with any meal, at any location, for any occasion. Rosé does not discriminate.

Find a spot by the pool and fire up the grill, or put on your comfy sweatpants and tune into your favorite Netflix binge-worthy show. Either way, you can say, "yes way" to rosé all day!


- Melissa Vidaurre

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Published on Friday, September 9, 2016