11 Secrets For Auction Success: The Ultimate Guide

#11: Plan Your Travel Groups

Check our website for our live lots. It is an auction "must" to pre-plan your travel groups and bidding strategies before the bidding begins! Clear your calendars and plan for the trip of a lifetime! Many of these experiences are for groups of 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10. This means bring your friends! Time to grab your travel buddies, a few bottles of wine, and choose your group lots! #BidHighBidOften 

#10: Keep An Eye On The Silent Lots

This year we have around 115 silent lots! Remember that the silent auction closes at 3:00 pm but the super silent auction stays open until 5:00 pm! With all the excitement between the flowing wine, delicious food, and celebration, it is easy for the night to slip by and have someone out-bid you on something you hoped to win. We suggest you tour both silent auction lot tables and the super silent lots in the center of the room. Make notes in your catalog prior to ensure you walk out of the tent with everything you wanted. 

#9: Check Out The Live Art Installations
Thomas Arvid and Justin Gaffrey, two exceptionally talented artists, will have art available at the auction this year. Gaffrey and Arvid will be painting live and both pieces will be auctioned off in the live auction!   

#8: Prepare For The Lightning Round

For the first time, our live auction will include a selection of flash lots, sold in rapid-fire fashion. The auctioneer will start the bidding high and go down. The first bidder to raise his or her paddle will win the lot. However, if two bidders raise their paddles at the same time, then the bidding will go up. Think of this as a "Buy it now."  

#7: Listen Closely to the Mission Statement  

You will have the pleasure of meeting our 14 charities on Friday night at your patron dinners, each with an amazing mission and story. We are inspired every day by the work they do and how they reach youth and families in their time of need.  
In addition, we have designated a few short minutes for a mission moment video prior to the first live auction lot. You are impacting the future, and for that we Thank You!  

#6: Create a Bidding Strategy

It's okay to have your heart set on more than one lot. Go in with a strategy in case the lot you love gets competitive. Have plan B and C ready, and a few options and scenarios for your budget. Most important strategy: Have FUN and celebrate with us! 

#5: Savor the Cuisine

We are thrilled to have an amazing lineup of celebrity Chefs preparing delectable five course dinners perfectly paired with the wines of our vintners on Friday evening. Enjoy each bite as you are surrounded by friends and the DCWAF family.  

#4: Don't Miss The Hangover Station 

We understand you may need some fuel on Saturday after your fun-filled Friday night, so catch up with friends while greeted with Bloody Mary's and Mimosa's at the hangover station! 

#3: Meet the Vintner's at the Reserve Tasting 

From Napa, to Argentina, and all the way to Italy, we have a fabulous lineup of 27 winemakers  who are bringing their award-winning portfolios, as well as their passion to the Emerald Coast exclusively for this group of 600 patrons.  
Be sure to visit the Spirit Proprietors as well at our mini bourbon trail.  

#2: Pick Up Auction Merchandise

There will be a Merchandise tent outside of our Auction Tent on Saturday including DCWAF "Wine" T-shirts! This is a great way to remember the weekend. These also make great gifts and help fundraise for our 14 charities. We are accepting cards and cash. 

#1: Bid High & Bid Often

Remember, every dollar you spend counts towards improving the lives of youth in need of health care, counseling, food, shelter, education. Our 14 benefiting charities are all local, reaching children in need in our communities. Thank you for your support and we hope you have an amazing auction weekend.  

Published on Thursday, April 21, 2016