Two Vintners & Covington Cellars

_MG_2894Growing up in the Midwest, Morgan Lee never planned to make wine. But during his senior year at Purdue University, where he was in the hospitality management program, he took a wine appreciation course.

“I loved that class,” he said. “And I started changing my mind about what I wanted to do after school.”
When Two Vintners was founded in 2007, Syrah and Merlot were the outcast varietals of the wine industry. However the quiet secret among those in the Washington wine scene was that they are two of the best varietals the state had to offer. Thumbing their nose to those unfortunate trends created the foundation of the Two Vintners label. This willingness to do the unpopular but delicious has guided the brand as it's progressed, and helped to create wines that you won’t see anywhere else. 

Wine at Two Vintners is about the experience. Branching out. Trying new styles. New varietals. Lee wants to expose you to wines that show how unique Washington wine can be. The goal is to make a wine that you want to share with your friends and family. Lee wants his wine to be shared, experienced and accessible to all.