Papa's Pilar

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As a former Naval Officer, entrepreneur, chief financial officer, world traveler, author, and rum enthusiast, Carlton has an impressive resume – not to mention an MBA from the Wharton School at The University of Pennsylvania. 

He also truly embodies the brand’s “Never A Spectator” philosophy, having run with the bulls in Pamplona, leaped from the world’s highest bungee jump, placed second in an ultra-marathon, landed on aircraft carriers over 180 times, and flown as a volunteer pilot providing humanitarian relief to Haiti. 

Drawing inspiration from Ernest Hemingway, he’s thrilled to be General Manager of the Distillery and Experience Center in Key West, a place where Hemingway and his boat, Pilar, once resided and remain celebrated fixtures within the community. It’s there where rum enthusiasts will find the award-winning Papa’s Pilar Dark and Blonde expressions, which are born of the finest rums and pay homage to Hemingway’s exploits on land and sea, respectively. 

A Key West resident since 2011, Carlton built his knowledge of his favorite spirit over many years and numerous trips to Caribbean distilleries. Ultimately, his experiences and reputation in the rum world led him to co-found the International Rum Council and co-author the book, “Rum & Contemporary Cuisine.” 

Papa’s Pilar was crafted to be near adventure, and with Carlton on-board, we’re in for quite a ride. “Papa” would be proud!

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