Gamble Family Vineyards


Tom Gamble
Farmer & Proprietor 

Napa native Tom Gamble is a farmer first. 

"My most lasting memory of childhood is dirt. Playing in dirt. Walking in dust behind the tractor. Wandering aimlessly on foot, horseback, and mini-bike all summer long - enjoying everything that dirt and our climate gives to life." Tom's boyhood days often began before sunrise; herding cattle, working irrigation lines, and emulating older ranchers and farmers from the back of the pack. 

Tom purchased his first vineyard in 1981. He is the first member of his family to make wine, but hopes he is not the last to work the land. Gamble Family Vineyards is his legacy for future generations, inspired by the hard work of generations past.

Tom Gamble is a farmer first, which is fitting. Good wine begins on the vine. 

Ashley Brandner
Brand Ambassador 

Born and raised in the South Dakota, Ashley grew up on the Missouri River and has always had a passion for adventure. During college, she worked at an Italian restaurant, which is where she fell in love with food and wine. After graduating from USF with a degree in Business Administration/Art Minor, she accepted a position at Johnson Brothers/Famous Brands as their on-premise fine wine specialist for six years. She hosted wine dinners, taught educational classes for her accounts and met many wonderful people along the way.

In 2012, Ashley moved to Napa Valley with her sister to further pursue a career within the industry. She worked at Jessup Cellars & Handwritten Wines for almost three years before working for Tom Gamble. Within this time she was able to achieve multiple certifications including the CSW, CS, and WSET Advanced. She enjoys many different activities, but enjoying wine with friends and family are at the very top of that list. 

Gamble Family Vineyards