David Arthur Vineyards

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Combining more than 10 years experience working with notable wineries domestically and internationally, including in Napa Valley, Australia, and France, Nile Zacherle brings a vast knowledge to the craft of winemaking. He also lends his passion and commitment to producing distinctive wines with a focus on vineyard site, expression, and structure, which are benchmarks of the David Arthur winemaking philosophy.

Nile’s interest in wine began at a young age. Growing up in proximity to the Napa Valley in Marin County, Nile, along with his father, a doctor, participated in early experimentation with homegrown winemaking, utilizing dialysis technology as well as more homespun winemaking processes such as grape stomping. That early exposure, and relation to an uncle who opened the first French cooperage in Napa Valley, piqued Nile’s interest and ignited a passion that still exists today.

A trip to the Northern California coast with his father many years later, which included visits to several breweries, inspired him to began experimenting with brewing his own beer, entering competitions and winning awards for his brews. The process stoked his passion for combining science and artistry and put him on the path to earning a BA in Fermentation Science with a focus in Enology, Viticulture and Brewing Sciences at the University of California, Davis. It also led to his eventual shift to winemaking.

From winemaking positions in Napa Valley’s Barnett Vineyards and Chateau Montelena to roles at Western Australia’s Pierro Margaret River Vineyards and Bordeaux, France’s Chateau d’Arsac, Nile built a career producing award-winning wines from Burgundian and Bordeaux varietals. At David Arthur Vineyards he continues to be at his best.