Tesla's Revolutionary Rocketing Roadster

Tesla 01 1

Fast, sleek and luxurious, the rare 2008 Tesla Roadster is the first production year of Elon Musk’s first electric car series and has revolutionized the automotive industry. This truly unique collector’s item is #18 ever produced in the Tesla Roadster Series, and is easily recognizable as the hunter green sister to the red Roadster currently mounted inside the nose cone launched atop SpaceX’s newest rocket, the Falcon Heavy. 

If you are the lucky winner, you will get to drive your newest acquisition to the picturesque, coastal village community of Watersound Origins for a two-night stay in a one-bedroom condo in the Watersound Beach GateHouse.

Generously donated by St. Joe Community Foundation, this incredible sports car generates 248 horsepower and 200 pounds per foot of torque and can achieve 0-60 in a breathtaking 3.9 seconds. The 2008 Tesla Roadster Sport will cover 244 miles on a single charge, which is the equivalent to 120 miles per gallon in a standard gasoline-powered vehicle. Able to be charged from the convenience of your own home, its lithium-ion battery pack can fully recharge in just 4 hours. With its chassis built by Lotus and body made of carbon fiber, the Roadster is approximately the size of a Lotus Elise. This revolutionary vehicle seamlessly combines the performance of a high-end sports car with the environmental-friendliness of an all-electric drivetrain that emits zero emissions.

Let the bold design of this revolutionary vehicle inspire you to do good.

View more images of 2008 Tesla Roadster #16 here: http://bit.ly/2G3aX0X

This lot includes:

  • One (1) 2008 Tesla Roadster with approximately 3,000 miles on the odometer 
  • Two (2) night stay in a one (1) bedroom condo at Watersound Beach GateHouse
  • Kayaking or YOLO boarding for two (2) on Lake Powell in the Watersound Origins community 
  • Breakfast or lunch for two (2) at Watersound Café in the Watersound Origins community 
  • Two (2) day passes for two (2) to Watersound Beach Club in the Watersound Origins community
  • One (1) pontoon boat cruise on Lake Powel in the Watersound Origins community

Donated by: St. Joe Community Foundation

Restrictions: Stay at Watersound Beach GateHouse must be scheduled on a mutually agreeable date, are subject to availability and expire 4/30/19. 2008 Tesla Roadster sale is final in as-is condition. Title and vehicle registration are at the owner’s expense. Other restrictions may apply.