Pathways for Change


Pathways for Change

Saving Lives…. Reducing  Crime…..Building Futures. Pathways For Change is committed to our clients and our community. Human transformation is our business; Pathways for Change saves people from the destructive lifestyle too often perpetuated by poverty, abuse of alcohol and other drugs, and lack of education.

Pathways For Change reduces crime on many fronts. We reduce recidivism at a rate of 80 percent, meaning the vast majority of our clients do not go out and commit new crimes. We help young people and families know that they have a future as law-abiding citizens. They do not need to hang with the gang, give up hope or dreams, or settle for a life that is not what God has intended for them.

Pathways For Change builds futures for children by providing a summer camp and an after-school program for middle-school boys and girls. We build futures for families by showing them how to live free of drugs and crime. We build futures for the elderly residents who live right next door to the Family Center; they now have meaningful work to do -- volunteering as tutors, mentors, instructors, childcare sitters, librarians, office coordinators. We are reviving a neighborhood, called “homeless town,” working with each other to save lives, increase safety and build futures.