Food for Thought


Food for Thought

At Food For Thought, our mission is to enable children to focus on their development and education by removing the fear and insecurity that comes from not knowing if they will get enough to eat, and, in some cases, knowing that they will not.

Many children suffer from what the USDA officially refers to as “Food Insecurity”, which means they regularly go hungry because their families do not have enough money to buy food. Public schools receive government assistance to provide breakfast and lunch for these children on school days, but when school is out on the weekends, the children must fend for themselves, or they make do with one or two low-cost foods because their families cannot afford to provide balanced meals.  

This is where we begin.

By providing these children with a simple backpack filled with healthy, easy-to-prepare food on these two days, we bridge the weekend gap. By providing fresh fruit, whole grains and protein we are supporting their physical development and empowering them to grow into productive students and healthy, happy children.