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This week's blog includes a letter we received from our dear friend and winemaker Todd Newman of Dakota Shy Wines. We wanted to share it with you because it is a story worth telling, and it is a reminder of the community of people we are surrounded by, the community we have become. Destin Charity Wine Auction Foundation is like a family. As we embark on the end of our fiscal year, we begin to gear up for the most important event for everyone involved in our organization. The Check Presentation Ceremony is what we work so hard for all year long. We are able to present our 14 beneficiary charities the funds they need to continue to grow and reach youth in need because of the people in our community who support us. Our vintners, our chefs, our board, our volunteers, our sponsors, our friends. We are thankful to be a part of this community, this family of people who give and people in need across Northwest Florida. And the letter below is another reminder of the type of people we sit and "break bread" with in order to make a difference. 

"It’s a humbling thing when ones’ dreams start to take shape. As we hustle through days, in the pursuit of those dreams, we often miss the moments that showcase them most.
I’d like to tell you of a recent experience that left me smiling and, dare I say, proud. One that struck me as special and validated for me that the ideas and dreams which drive us can be realized – that the journeys we choose to embark on shall be recognized in the most surprising of ways. Validating the hard work, the sacrifice, and the uncertainty.
The story: A man I’ve grown to have great respect for asked of me something that I’d be proud to do for anyone, but especially for him...
Now I have a special dish I like to make at home on days when time permits. It requires patience and imbibing on healthy amounts of good wine. The dish is a Rabbit Bourguignon and it’s good – really, really good.
Imagine then, four good men from a big Italian family - cousins and brothers, husbands and sons, heading off on a fly fishing trip in Colorado. Packing up for a weekend as they have so many times before, yet this time, a special request is put in for my Rabbit Bourguignon. So I make it – I nail it - pack it up and write the instructions on how to bring it all together when they sit to eat.
Along with this request comes another – "A bottle of that good wine you make.” Now for me, few things if any could bring me more joy; to have this man ask me for this favor.
See, here are four friends sitting down together breaking bread - sharing war stories, love stories and banter sessions with one another as they have done many times before. Yet this time, the bridge that brings it all together is this dish of rabbit, this bottle of Dakota Shy.
So I realize then, journey to date is starting to make sense. There is no better gift to me than to have been part of that meal. This is what Dakota Shy pursues so tirelessly. To be part of those great moments in time.
I want to thank all of you for being part of this family we call Dakota Shy. That we can be invited into your homes and amongst your friends to be shared and enjoyed is truly a privilege. It is this that makes me proudest of the journey to date. May we raise our glasses for all, to many more moments like these.
Todd Newman and the Dakota Shy Family"

Posted on Thursday, July 9, 2015

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